About Us

Piedmont Energy Connection (PEC)is a market maker in units of limited liability companies that seek to create solar power generation installations. We consult on the organization of such entities and cooperate in the creation of offering and subscription materials that are evaluated by HNW individuals and public & privately held companies. PEC, along with its operating partners, cooperates in the identification of properties eligible to be considered for solar power generating capabilities & securing power purchase agreements from participating utilities. We are responsible for the administration of such limited liability companies including but not limited to the financial administrative duties and all record keeping and financial reporting responsibilities. We cooperates with affiliates, Piedmont Private Equity and Yukon Property Consultants as well as specialty solar power focused engineering companies to take advantage of opportunities to locate solar power generating facilities in ways that complements its offerings and those of the affiliates. Since 2014, PEC has been involved in the creation of 20.4 MW of solar power generating capacity and consulted on dozens of other projects.